Repulsion “Horrified” (LP ’86, US)

Repulsion-Horrified1986 was a good year for two reasons. Firstly, I’m pretty sure it was around this time that I discovered why Cheetara from Thundercats made me feel funny, you know, down there. Also, it was the year that Repulsion recorded Horrified. I was too young and too busy with my new feline girlfriend to notice at the time, but a few years later this record got it’s jagged teeth into me and stills holds on to this day. Unlike many of the bands that I was obsessed with in my teenage years, I still listen to Repulsion regularly. The filthy fuzz of the bass and the chainsaw guitar, the breathless drums and the vocals as sung by the face on the album’s cover. It has everything. But let’s ease you into their world gently, so you don’t slip on the wet guts.

 Black Breath is Repulsion’s Hit Me Baby One More Time. If the Top of the Pops allowed Death Metal into the charts in the eighties, this would still be number one. It’s horrid, and you can dance to it. Now it’s time for INTERMEDIATE GRINDCORE 101.

Here, you get your first taste of a blast beat. Did you love it? Yes, you did. What’s that? You want more? Let’s get to the real (rotting) meat in this giblet sandwich. Bring on the DEATHFUNK.

Blast beats and shredding solos and even something for the Lady towards the end. This is the quintessential Repulsion song. All in about two minutes, and it even ends on a swear. The ultimate way to end one of the best metal albums of all time. Also, you will now spend the rest of the day speaking to people in the style of vocalist Scott Carlson, which I’m sure will spice up your business meetings no end.

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